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A Reason to Remember: A Virtual New Albany Field Trip 

Carnegie Center for Art & History, 2021

A Reason to Remember: A Virtual New Albany Field is a short documentary film that contains interviews with contemporary experts on four local historic sites in New Albany, plus dramatized period sequences that show how that site was used in the past. The film was produced in 2020-2021 by the Carnegie Center with Uproar Films as a response to the cancellation of 3rd and 4th grade field trips to these local sites due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and was made publicly viewable to all NAFCS students and the wider public, along with learning materials and an exhibition. The film has been screened in hundreds of classrooms, and viewed by thousands of public and private school children in Floyd County.  Due in large part to this program, the Carnegie Center for Art & History was publicly recognized by the Indiana Arts Commission in 2021 for “innovation and dedication to providing public benefit in the last year.”

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