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Cat Mummies Came First by Kim Charles Kay 

March 7 2020 to May 30 2020

Cat Mummies Came First was a site-specific installation comprised of light, driftwood (from Lake Michigan and the Ohio River / rubbed wood by two water bodies), video, dinosaur blood (plastic), and a quilt: log cabin style a.k.a. cat mummy wrap. 

The following text was written by Kim Charles Kay for the exhibition Cat Mummies Came First at Sheherazade in 2020:

Color is the first revelation of the world. ~ Helio Oiticica


Kim Charles Kay is an artist, ritualist, and ancestral healing practitioner. With a multi-spatial and interdisciplinary practice, Kay moves between the unseen and the material realms of painting, sculpture, clairaudience, clairsentience, image-making and prints. Her objects and performances are a call and response with wonder, language, history and the dead; which of course are not dead. 


Born and raised in tiny timber towns in the Pacific Northwest, Kay attended Washington State University and The Evergreen State College before graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting. Kay has created and led arts educational projects and programs across the United States and was the lead teaching artist at Socrates Sculpture Park and The Drawing Center in New York City. Her projects and programs have been shown in museums, residencies and fellowships, The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, The Bubbler at Madison Public Library, The New Museum, and The Vermont Studio Center to name a few.


May we all know the depth and breadth of the web we weave and are held in. <3


Sheherazade is a non-commercial, experimental project space for artists. As a window gallery, we do not have open hours. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit our website to learn about past exhibitions. Sheherazade is located in a garage on West Magnolia Avenue between 2nd and 3rd streets, in the rear of the building at 1401 South 3rd Street, Louisville KY, 40208. 

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