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On-Ramp Professional Development Workshop for Artists 2021

Co-Leader of Artist Professional Development Workshop called “On-Ramp” held at the Carnegie Center for Art & History, 2021. Program funded by the Indiana Arts Commission. 

The On-Ramp Program was a statewide professional development program for Indiana artists and creatives to learn entrepreneurship skills. The Carnegie Center for Art & History was one of five cohorts across Indiana to apply and receive a $50,000 grant and training from the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) to host the fully funded 3-day workshop for 15 artists. Julie Leidner served as lead grant writer for the program, application manager for participants, co-organizer of workshop schedule and sessions, and co-facilitator of instruction including moderating panels, delivering lectures and hands-on instructional activities. 

On Ramp pic 1_edited.jpg
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