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Sweet Dreams by Yoko Molotov 

March 10 - April 14, 2018

The following text was written for the exhibition Sweet Dreams by Yoko Molotov at Sheherazade in 2018:

Yoko Molotov is a prolific Louisville artist whose confessional, dystopian, and gender-fluid drawings are a recognizable feature of Louisville’s online landscape. Blending erotica with kawaii, tragedy with absurdity, Yoko’s social media accounts deliver daily drawings to a loyal following. Her solo exhibition Sweet Dreams at Sheherazade features six new panoramic digital drawings inspired by surrealist automatism, as well as a multimedia collaboration with Joe Frey. Frey’s electronic plotter machine translated her images into sound during a one-time-only live performance on the first night of the exhibition. A video of this live performance (created by Beau Kaelin) can be seen and heard here on the television screen.


As a visual artist Yoko Molotov  has exhibited work at Land of Tomorrow in Louisville and Lexington, Gallery K, and the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, in addition to having self-published multiple art books including GIRLS, What It’s Like to See Them, and Scratch Fights. As a musician, Molotov has played in projects such as Harpy, Sweatermeat, and Tycoon$ of Teen.

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